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About Miltons Gear: A Quick Guide to Writing your ‘About Us’ Page

When a prospective customer visits your site, chances are “About Us” is one of the first links he or she might click on.  It can become a wonderful sales and marketing tool so don't blow it by filling the page with hype, boring mission statements or meaningless marketing fluff.  Instead, you should use this page to start building a relationship with the reader.  At the same time you can reinforce why you're a better choice than your competitors.

Your “About Us” pages should include: 

  1. A brief overview of what you do, including the benefits you offer to customers, and how those benefits distinguish you from competitors – remember to think like a customer!
  2. Your company history. Talk about how the company got started, how the business evolved, and why your accomplishments are a good fit.
  3. Profiles of key staff.
  4. Testimonials from happy customers.
  5. A list of awards and other recognition you have received.
  6. Press releases and other resources for the media.
  7. Your approach to your clients
  8. Information on how to contact you.

Write an “About Us” page that is customer-focused, that demonstrates the strengths you, your staff, your company, and/or your product bring to the table, and that highlights important key facts.

Remember, it’s not about you; it’s about your customers. It’s what your experience and expertise can do for the potential client and what your product can do for the potential customer.

To learn more about Writing your ‘About Us’ Page, go the Web123 Help Menu and search “About Us Page”.

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Who are we

Milton's Gear opened on the 10th of September 1974 in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. The emphasis was and still is, on high quality clothing.

Hard work and dedication has established Milton's Gear as a men's fashion house of Quality,Style and Value.

Milton's Gear is a name that has been recognised and trusted for 40 years.

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